Makes a great gift!
Makes a great gift!
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Signs of Santa Monica coffee table book
back cover of book, late afternoon picture of Santa Monica sign from the California Incline
Composite of 25 business signs in Santa Monica
Sample page from book, Bowlmor
Sample page from book, Santa Monica Radiator Works
Sample page from book,  Zucky's restaurant, first half
second half of Zucky's story including matchbook cover and original Zucky's placemat
Sample page from book, Seaview Motor Hotel
Sample page from book, The Tinder Box
Signs of Santa Monica coffee table book
Signs of Santa Monica coffee table book

Signs of Santa Monica coffee table book

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A collection of 58 charming stories and photographs of vintage signs in Santa Monica and the businesses behind them.

If you've ever visited Santa Monica, live here, or just want to experience a little of the "City by the Sea," you'll enjoy the eclectic and often heartwarming stories of how these businesses came to be and helped shape the quaint town that Santa Monica is.

  • What's the correct pronunciation of "Zucky's?" 
  • What Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician was the opening act as a then unknown local at the first official concert at McCabe's?
  • Which liquor store location has ties that go back to one of the original families that settled here?
  • Which Santa Monica business owner was a Mayflower descendant?
  • Which hotel shows up on haunted hotel lists?

These fun, unique and surprising stories will give you a new appreciation of this popular beach city. 

Book size: 9 1/4" x 9 1/8"

Soft cover, 156 pages

Printed in the United States!